We are a research group at UND in the Chemistry Department formed by two graduate students: Brittany Gonzalez (2nd year PhD student) and Solene Bechelli (1st year PhD Student), two post doctoral researchers: Dr. Gopalsamy Karuppasamy (1st year of postdoc) and Dr. Irais Valencia Jaime (1st year of post doc) led by Professor Jerome Delhommelle. Our field of research is mainly focused in developing molecular simulation methods to analyze and understand microscopic behavior of novel materials at the molecular level. For example, we are studying materials with potential application in defense, as well as alternative energies. Today, we are asking for your support in assisting us to attend the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AICHE) conference in October. For Dr. Gopalsamy and Dr. Irais thisconference will give them the opportunity to share their curriculum vitae, current and future research interests, and recent scientific publications with the most prestigious scientists in the world. Additionally, they may have a chance to form collaborations and it could help to get a job in the near future. For Solene and Brittany this conference will help them to understand more about ongoing research topics and give exposure regarding the importance and applications of science and how it is enhancing our daily life. Also, with these kinds of conferences they can improve their presentation skills and learn to speak around an audience.

Our works have been accepted in this amazing conference, but we need help raising funds to pay for our registration fees and travel expenses. These funds will give us theopportunity to present our research to an international scientific community and maybe make connections for future collaborations. International conferences act as aportal to share and gain knowledge from a diverse scientific community and show to the world the research that UND is performing. Also, during the conference we will show all of you how a scientific conference looks from inside!