The UND Aerobatic Team will take to the skies over Oshkosh, WI, to compete against the best in the country at the IAC US National Championships and needs your help!

UND’s Aerobatic Team is the 9-time Consecutive winner of IAC’s Collegiate National Championship Team Award. Competing at this caliber requires dedicated students, well maintained aircraft, great staff and faculty, and amazing friends and supporters.

Your help makes competitive aerobatics available to more students. When thinking of flight, we dream of the freedom to maneuver and soar. With your help, these dreams are achieved in the safe and challenging environment of competition. Our students invest heavily in their training. The UND Aerobatic Team offers them the opportunity to showcase their skills against pilots from around the nation. They compete against professional airline, corporate, airshow and military pilots as well as engineers, computer scientist, business professionals and many others who train for competition. Sequences and maneuvers are flown to match specific grading criteria where scores are awarded for accuracy, energy management, consistency, and presentation. Judges apply deductions to small degrees of error in heading and attitude for maneuvers such as spins, loops, rolls, and hammerheads. Top marks at these contests and throughout the season are hard won. With the skills and confidence gained through aerobatic flight and competition, these pilots are ready for anything the future may hold.

Your contribution helps students with registration and travel expenses while competing at the IAC US Nationals and throughout the competition season! Thank you!


Check out some highlights from last years competition.