Supporting Undergraduate Research in Wildlife Biology


In 2015, the University of North Dakota (UND) partnered with Ducks Unlimited (DU) on an internship program to mentor and train college wildlife biology students through a research and monitoring project on nesting waterfowl (ducks!) in central North Dakota. The program was geared toward helping students to develop skills in study design, data collection and data analysis, but has grown to incorporate communication using social media platforms in 2017.

The project ultimately allows our team to ...

  1. train future wildlife biologists in a variety of skills they will need for the profession,
  2. learn about duck nesting ecology by using camera technology to monitoring behaviors and population changes, and
  3. share our findings through videos, images, and student research with the public through social media and outreach opportunities. 

Thus far, this project has resulted in several student awards at State and National Wildlife Society conferences where they shared their research findings. 

To continue this student research experience, we require a variety of equipment ranging from miniature surveillance cameras to ATVs.  One of our ATVs is in terrible shape (it is at least 15 years old) and in need of replacement. Funding for this type of major equipment is often difficult to acquire so we are asking for your help to support our teaching, research, and service mission of the UND Biology program by donating towards a new ATV.  Our goal is for a new Yamaha 700 Kodiak that will last for many seasons of students and ducks! 

You can follow our students on Twitter (@RealDuckTails), Facebook (RealDuckTails), their website with a blog, or YouTube

**If the group does not reach it's goal through this crowdfunding project, the team will continue to raise money through other projects until the goal is met and an atv purchased.**