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TR Brooks
TR Brooks

Hello friends and family of UND Track & Field!

As you know last year UND Athletics had the good fortune of completing the High Performance Indoor Training Center (HPC). This building has already been a great benefit to both Track & Field and Football. As you can see by our results last year and football’s success this fall, having a place to train out from under the weather in North Dakota can make a big difference!

As a training facility, the HPC stands as equal or even superior to any other similar venue in the United States. However, to make our facility a world-class venue for hosting Track & Field competitions we are missing one important feature: BLEACHERS.

My plan is to share this magnificent structure with you on a regular basis by hosting competitions like a North Dakota high school Invitational, large collegiate meets featuring our area rivals, and the Big Sky Conference indoor championships. At the moment we have a few three-tier temporary bleachers in the HPC. It is unrealistic for me to plan a major competition without having seating for our fans.

Would you consider assisting us in the form of a donation to facilitate installing permanent seating in the HPC? Any amount you feel comfortable giving regardless of how small or how large would be a great benefit.

Thank you and I hope to invite you to watch a meet in the High Performance Center very soon.

- Coach Kevin Galbraith

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